Ways to Give

Method 1 - By Mail: Send to Caloosa Baptist Church, PO Box 1516, LaBelle, FL 33975 

Method 2 - By Drop Off: Write a check (no cash) to Caloosa Baptist Church, put church's bank account number 3054934 on the memo line and deliver it to Synovus Bank (formerly Florida Community Bank) located on N. Bridge Street.

Method 3 - Online Giving: If you have a PayPal account, log into PayPal.com, click on the "Menu" icon, click on the "Send" button and follow the instructions.  Once you input the church's email address caloosabaptist@yahoo.com, type in the amount of your offering. Notations for designated giving can be made if desired. Although PayPal charges a transaction fee, the total amount contributed will be credited to the record of your offering. 

Method 4 - Sunday mornings: offering will be collected each week at the exit doors following the morning worship